Campaign group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association) shortlisted for Liberty Human Rights Award

JENGbA is a grass root campaign group and today we welcome being shortlisted for a Human Rights Award by the widely-respected human rights organisation Liberty.  The Ceremony, hosted by comedienne Jo Brand, takes place at Southbank London at 5.30pm Monday 7th September 2015.
JENGbA was launched in 2010 by the families and friends of people convicted using the controversial joint enterprise doctrine. Many of whom are now serving mandatory life sentences for murder. The campaign has fought for 5 years to get the Government to recognise that joint enterprise is not only a Human Rights abuse happening right here in the UK,  but one that allows INNOCENT people to be charged, remanded and then convicted of serious crimes committed by others. 
Joint Enterprise is often described as a useful tool for prosecutors, this is because it can be used to charge and convict people at the scene of a crime where prosecutors claim the perpetrator cannot not be identified.
'This is nonsense,' says Gloria Morrison, Campaign Co-ordinator,  "It is a tool for lazy prosecutors to gain easy convictions and score points. When innocent people are being convicted because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or in some cases not even at the scene there has to be a public outcry ..... The CPS are clearly criminalising people, with very little or no real evidence at all.  Why should people go to prison for murder when they did not murder anybody? It makes no sense to spend millions if not billions of pounds of tax payers money, every year, charging, trying and imprisoning innocent men, women, and children ....  it is more sickening to knowingly continue doing this at a time when thousands of ordinary families are relying on food banks each week just to survive.
Next month, as part of a Supreme Court judgement it will be decide if joint enterprise does over prosecute secondary parties.  Gloria Morrison believes this is down to the campaign's fight to highlight how joint enterprise has been wrongly used for many years and October's Supreme Court case is pivotal in the campaign's fight to overturn wrongful convictions.

Jimmy McGovern, JENGbA's co-patron alongside Sir Herman Ouseley, congratulated the campaign on being shortlisted for the award and said it was a great recognition of their hard work.  "The volunteers work non-stop to highlight how joint enterprise can imprison innocent people, I wish them all the best on Monday and hope their Supreme Court intervention next month is successful".